Farmer’s Market News for September 18, 2014

FM Sept 25 2014

Thursday, September 25, 2014 Ann Arbor, MI

Partly cloudy. High of 63F. Winds from the NNE at 5-10 mph.  Looks like a perfect fall forecast for the Westside Farmer’s Market! Get going to see Bill and Jake before the market closes this month and purchase some wonderful wines for the seasonal change

Susan’s picks this week:

Laurentide 2012 Chardonnay- Double Gold Earthy and Naked

Laurentide 2012 Pinot Noir- taste the terroir of Northern Michigan

Laurentide 2012 Emergence White- liquid Gold in the glass. 

Need I say more?

Thank you as always for supporting Michigan wine.

Susan and Bill Braymer, Laurentide Winery


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