Farmer’s Market News for August 28, 2014




Well, its almost that time of the week again with summer winding down and school wafting in the air!  The perfect time to get those last wonderful wines of summer for the long holiday weekend before the real serious grind begins again!   Boat wine- we got it.  Picnic wine- we got it. Wine with food- we got it. Wine  by the glass- we got it. Wine because…- go for it!

Laurentide Sauvignon Blanc– our award winning Gold beauty- at the market for $27

Laurentide Chardonnay– our Double gold unoaked  or naked if you prefer- at the market for $16

Laurentide Pinot Noir Rose– making a Silver splash with its 1st release- at the market for $20

Hey, prices include tax so no nasty change will be involved! PLUS, buy 2 wines, get a FREE gift box to package those babies up to take with you to your Labor day celeb!

3-7pm at the tomorrow and enjoy the sights, smells, sounds and sips of local goods brought to YOU!

Thank you for supporting Laurentide  Winery!

Susan & Bill Braymer


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