Farmer’s Market News for June 26

Pinot Noir Rose 2013

Three Pinot Thursday
We are starting to get the hang of this Westside Farmer’s Market thing and can’t believe it soon is the last Thursday in June and our 4th market! And yes, its National Watermelon Seed Spitting Weekend starting Thursday so get psyched and puckered.  We are doing a redux of our Laurentide Pinot Noir Rose 2013 with Watermelon notes in honor of this auspicious occasion!

It has been so fun talking it up with the Ann Arbor crowd and Jake is the mannnnn!
Every week we rotate through the wines to keep it interesting and serve all the various tastes out there.  There is no one best wine for everybody but the best wine for you is the one you like! That said, you can and should have the prerogative to change your mind and grow your tastes.  Thus the reason for wine tasting. Evolve, just like the wine in every bottle ever created…

This week, the wines will be
Pinot Gris 2012– dry white and a Double Gold to boot
Pinot Noir Rose 2013–  the most versatile wine to pair with or without food- Silver
Pinot Noir 2011– our Bronze Burgundian babe….
A little something for everyone and if you buy the Three Pinot Thursday Trio you get little sips of heaven for just  $55!!!

  NOTE:    If you find yourself hankering for some of the prior week’s selections, just ask!  We are trying to carry 1 or 2 bottles chilled  for wine crisis situations!  Remember, the only wine emergency is the one where you run out…


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