On this day, March 14, 200,000,000 years ago

Well, this is sort of what the planet looked like in regards to geology, .2 bya (billion years ago).  Just  FYI, 13.8 bya was the Big Bang and  4.5 bya Earth formed.  In between the formation of the earth and the above map at .2 bya or 200 mya , a lot of stuff was going on. Things like plate tectonics, continental drift and seafloor spreading were gaining speed dramatically altering the surface of the planet  and the 1st Eukaryotes ( cells like “you” and me)  were evolving on land and sea changing what it contained.

Amazingly, Pangea itself wasn’t the 1st supercontinent and the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle have moved around our tiny blue dot many times over the course of eons.  However, we’ll commence with Pangea as just grocking .2 bya is hard enough. This giant supercontinent of Pangea consisted of 2 supercontinents themselves: Gondwana and Laurasia.  Laurasia  combines the names of Laurentia and Eurasia.  Laurentia is the name of the North American craton: a craton being the term geologists use for  a very  ancient and stable formation of the lithosphere ( Earth’s crust)  that have extensive roots that extend into the mantle of the Earth.

Locating  ourselves in space and time is a trip in all senses of the words…

More blogs to come as this is just the tip of the ice sheet…

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