Tasting Party in Ann Arbor!

Please Join The Produce Station for an incredible night of tasting and conversations with
Laurentide Winery of the Leelanau Peninsula of Michigan!

A few months ago Bill Braymer brought me my first bottle ever of a Michigan Sauvignon Blanc and I was quite surprised someone was attempting to make wines with this noble grape. I was supposed to take it to a blind tasting that I along with 9 other wine geeks have once a month. This was just to be the teaser at the beginning which did not belong to the theme of the night. Most of the initiated thought right away it was a crisp Sauv Blanc, but the majority couldn’t pinpoint with certainty its origin. Napa Valley, Loire (but not Sancerre), even Bordeaux, were some of the reflections; only one person thought it could be a Michigan wine. All were taken by the elegance, crispness, and vibrant acidity this wine conveyed.

Now I have the pleasure to offer the totality of their range. Laurentide Winery is named in honor of the last great ice sheet that receded 10,000 years ago from the upper tier of the North American continent. With the completion of this great geologic event, the Great Lakes and surrounding lands assumed their present forms. The Leelanau Peninsula was exposed, and the rocks and fossils from a 350 million year old ancient sea floor started to formulate the soil that sustains the vines today contributing to the unique terroir of the region.

Come meet Bill and Susan Braymer, owners of Laurentide, and taste the wines of Laurentide Winery from the Leelanau Peninsula! You will be impressed by the 7 wines they make (Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay, Pinot Gris, Riesling, white blend, Pinot Noir, and cherry).

Please join us Thursday January 17, 2013 from 7:30 – 8:30 pm
for a Tasting with Bill and Susan Braymer – Owners of Laurentide
Hosted @ The Last Word – 301 West Huron, Ann Arbor
Tasting fee for (un)Corked is $15.00 and that includes a sampling of 5 different wines!

Purchase Tickets at The Produce Station or online right here


Please purchase tickets in advance as these events always sell out and we do not accept ticket sales at the door.

Jorge Lopez-Chavez

Wine Director
The Produce Station
Gourmet Market
1629 S. State
Ann Arbor, MI 48104

Phone: 734.663.7848
Fax: 734.663.1553
Web: http://www.producestation.com


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