Bill and I have sent out loads of evite invitations to family and friends for our celebration this weekend, Sat., September 22, 2012. We are expecting the general public as well.   We will have live music and catered cheeses to pair with our wines perhaps along with some other surprises, so we hope it will be lovely party. We are offering 7 wines that we feel can be compared to notes on a musical scale: each with a unique distinct edge as well as pleasing when accompanied by food and conversation!

We hope each and every one can make it but  realize that is a but a pleasant pipe dream …. We would of course be pleased for any one to visit as time, money and effort allows.  We are now open every weekend afternoon through November. Please spread our existence  by either written word, any media you prefer or face to face!  Our heartfelt thanks is freely given for any and all good efforts on our behalf.

I have been busy placing our presence on the Pure Michigan website, under Attractions and then wineries.  You’ll find it from there.  Other advertisements are in the works but all these efforts take time.

Until we see you up north or anywhere in between,  I will leave you  with food for thought:

“Everything in moderation… including moderation.”
Julia Child

Many thanks to Eva Schmidt for her lovely photos….


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