April Promises and Perspective

The promise of the vine and the life force that swells through the vine is inspiring to witness year after year.  It grants the observer perspective and respect for the grand scheme of life that continues regardless of our problems or concerns.  Viticulture is such a gamble of the dice, it is thrilling to be part of the cycle, however small a part we manage to play.

Our project grows more unwieldy with each passing day and the light at the end of the tunnel sometimes morphs into the headlight of an oncoming train.  We persevere.  Problems that lead to more problems are unceasingly demanding on our time and thought.  We can envision the beautiful end product but the path is couched with brambles at every step.  We wrestle with regulation after regulation trying to tease common sense out of bureaucracy as the clock slowly ticks by.

I wish for the confident and noble perspective of a hardy old vine, snug in its dirt blanket drinking in the water and sun: cycling into reproduction, fruitfulness and then into the blessing of the senescence, blind to the world’s troubles- at least for a season.  Until that nirvana is attained, I guess I’ll have to settle for the best wishes, hopes and prayers  of all our friends and loved ones.  We can not succeed without them.

Thank you, s


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